Grading Philosophy 
Our belief in dignity and the importance of hard work will govern our requirements for course completion and grading. Completion of course work will be a requirement for a good grade. Persistent and exceptional effort will be equally rewarded. “Work hard, don’t give up, learn by persisting, demonstrate what you have learned.” 

Grading System Understandings
A - The student has exceeded expectations as to the completion of assigned work and has demonstrated a superior knowledge of the content in a manner which challenges the scope of the course curriculum, i.e., the student’s knowledge and initiative extend beyond the curriculum. 
B - The student has met all expectations as to the completion of assigned work and has demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the content. 
C - The student has met expectations as to the completion of assigned work, has at times struggled to complete assigned work correctly yet has persisted with that work, and is able to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of the content to progress to the next level with ongoing reinforcement. 
D - The student has either (1) failed to complete assigned work or (2) struggled with content knowledge at a level which calls into question the student’s ability to progress to the next level without the addition of significant tutoring. 
F - The student has demonstrated an inability to persist and complete assigned work and demonstrate knowledge of content to a level which would prevent the student from moving to the next level without significant intervention and a re-taking of the course or an approved alternative.

Grading System Numerical Conversion
In order to facilitate the calculation of marking period grades, the following numerical guide will be by teachers used for the grading when necessary. Assessment tools which lend themselves directly to letter grades alone will do so. When numerical grades are used, the following distribution will be used:
Letter Grade Numerical Grade GPA
A 93.33 - 100 4.0
A- 90 - 93.32 3.7
B+ 86.67 - 89.99 3.3
B 83.33 - 86.66 3.0
B- 80 - 83.32 2.7
C+ 76.67 - 79.99 2.3
C 73.33 - 76.66 2.0
C- 70 - 73.32 1.7
D+ 66.67 - 69.99 1.3
D 63.33 - 66.66 1.0
D- 60 - 63.32 0.7
F < 60 0.0

Grade Reporting
Student grades will be available to parents at any time through Canvas. Report cards will be transmitted electronically to parents shortly after completion of each marking period and a hard copy will be sent home with each student.

Honor Roll Criteria
Distinction: All “A’s”
High Honors: All “A’s” and one “B”
Honors: All “B’s” and one “C”

Academic Integrity
Spark Academy’s emphasis on good character will extend to all areas of functioning at the school, including academic integrity, which may be defined as an implicit understanding that all work with the student’s name on it is his own and that ideas or formulations acquired from other sources or other students be clearly attributed to those sources.

Spark also affirms the importance of cooperative learning and studying. We encourage students to work together. A group effort might contain the same wording in several different papers, based on this cooperation. To whatever extent possible, students should explicitly acknowledge the group effort.

Cheating and plagiarism are lapses in academic integrity. Teachers will define these violations in discussions with their students and will either deal with these infractions in class, or, in extreme cases, refer them to the director.

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