As Spark Academy launches, it is blessed with a professional dream team — the most experienced andStaff  creative group of teachers possible.

Charter schools allow teachers to create their own curriculum, and our teachers have the courage and vision to make this new kind of high school-early college concept a brilliant model for the state and the nation.

Teacher and Staff Code of Excellence

The expectations for all staff are essentially the same as those of the students. However, the expectations placed upon staff manifest themselves in ways specific to the planning and
implementation of each day’s activities and of the curriculum.

Mission drives us to plan and conduct all school activities with the purpose of preparing our students to become young men and women of character who have been able to take advantage of the many opportunities available through the Spark Academy and Manchester Community College curriculums through persistent effort and the guidance of a caring staff.

Safety must always be foremost in our planning and execution of the many activities which are an important hallmark of Spark Academy. For this, there is no compromise.

Respect and ethics will be evident not only in the manner with which we conduct ourselves and interact with our students. Respect begins with understanding and with the cultivation of our students’ understanding that we are all members of the human race and that as such all people are entitled to respect. The curriculum must include experiences whereby our students develop a greater understanding of our shared human experience.

Lawful behavior governs our conduct within and without the Spark Community. Our students’ understanding of the law must also be included in our school experience.

Order is necessary for a community to reach the goals which bring its members together in the first place. Some rules are in place simply to facilitate a community’s ability to realize goals for the benefit of its members.

As those entrusted to teach the young women and men of Spark Academy, we have a responsibility to guide our students as they expand their horizons, work hard, and persist. We must present them with the challenges that will lead them to become increasingly responsible, eager to learn, and guided by confidence, courage and curiosity.
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