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Schools are about far more than their programs alone. They are about people, especially the people we serve, our students. However, long before the students arrive, it is the faculty and staff who prepare and carry out the day-to-day experience, an experience based on mission, vision, and dedication. This is the story of our staff, their experiences, and their hopes for our students.

Meet the administration, staff and educators of The Spark Academy.

John Tuttle - DirectorJohn Tuttle

Mr. Tuttle is a former vice president for Easter Seals in NH and Director of Education. He and Mr. Mailloux will be working together for a smooth transition to Spark’s next chapter with the addition of Mr. Tuttle’s ideas, energy, and experience. Mr. Tuttle and Mr. Mailloux enjoy an excellent working relationship that goes to back to Mr. Tuttle’s time as Mr. Mailloux’s student many years ago at Trinity High School.

Mr. Tuttle has already had a chance to introduce himself to many of you and feels very much welcomed by the Spark Community! We are all looking forward to Spark Academy’s next chapter!

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Dan LarochelleDaniel Larochelle - Founder & Technical Consultant

Dan Larochelle may have more experience with technology education than anyone else in our state. His qualifications are amazing:

• BS: Mechanical Engineering with Distinction, WPI
• Chief Technical Officer, Intelitek
• Regional Support Manager, Robotics Education & Competition Foundation, Roxwell, TX
• Adjunct Professor, Southern New Hampshire University
• Professor and Department Chair of the Advanced Manufacturing & Robotics Department, MCC
• STEM Curriculum Consultant throughout New Hampshire

Spark Academy is largely the result of Mr. Larochelle’s personal mission to bring high quality technical education to students throughout our state so that they are well-prepared for the most advanced career opportunities. Mr. Larochelle guides Spark Academy’s Technical Curriculum for a seamless transition to the Manchester Community College Curriculum. As a resource and mentor to our students, he teaches and inspires them to achieve their very best!

“For the past 25 years, I have been at the center of technical education throughout New Hampshire, much of that through robotics programs in elementary, middle, and high schools. I am proud to be one of the founders of Spark Academy. This school represents a very important goal to me to bring high-level technical education and amazing career opportunities to our students. Spark, and all it represents, is a true passion for me!

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SparkMelissa Minery - Guidance & Student Services

Melissa's background and biography coming soon!

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Matt LongMatt Long - ELO Coordinator

Mr. Long is the new Extended Learning Opportunities (ELO) Coordinator. He joins Spark with a variety of different education-related experiences. He graduated from Duke University in 2021 with a BA in Biology and a minor in Education, where he researched the effects of team-based learning on retention and self-efficacy in STEM courses.

After college, he worked with ARMI | BioFabUSA in the Education & Workforce Development department, where he piloted a real-world, future-focused biofabrication program in high schools across New England. Most recently, Mr. Long served as the Interim Program Director at Breakthrough Manchester, where he helped to drive the dual mission of supporting Manchester middle school students on the path to college while developing the teacher education pipeline.

Mr. Long is so excited to be joining Spark Academy where he will be able to work with students, families, staff, and community partners to ensure that students can engage in real-world, authentic learning.

E-mail for Mr. Long: [email protected].

Jen LarochelleJennifer Larochelle - Administrator / Admissions

It takes a special person to keep any school organized and running smoothly. Mrs. Larochelle brings a parent’s perspective to the daily experience at Spark Academy, often reminding us of the very “human” side of preparing our students for their high tech careers. Mrs. Larochelle is often the contact point for our students to express how they feel about their classes and other activities. 

“I became involved in Spark Academy because I believe in the unique opportunity we are providing, opening doors for kids who might not otherwise understand how empowered they can be to create their own futures. I’m also proud to work alongside such experienced and dedicated educators.”

E-mail for Mrs. Larochelle: [email protected].

Denis MaillouxDenis Mailloux - Humanities Department Head

Mr. Mailloux brings a great deal of experience to Spark Academy as a classroom teacher, admissions director, assistant principal, and principal. Having taught English from a broader humanities perspective, Mr. Mailloux has welcomed the opportunity to form the Spark Humanities Program and lead this truly unique high school experience.

• BA, English, St. Anselm College
• Graduate Studies, Administration
• Commission Member, New England Association of Schools & Colleges, 2014 - 2020
• Advisory Board Member, St. Anselm College Education Department
• Classroom Teacher - 20 years
• Admissions Director - 6 years
• Principal - 23 years

“I was invited to join Spark Academy by Mr. Larochelle and Mr. Pouliot, both of whom I have had the privilege of knowing as colleagues for at least 25 years. Both of these colleagues know that I have been focused for many years on the interconnectedness of knowledge and the need to integrate technology into our learning. The blending of the Spark curriculum with that offered by Manchester Community College was quite intriguing to me as this model offers a fantastic and very affordable means of attaining high-tech certifications, an Associate’s Degree, and four year degrees.” 

Spark Academy is the gateway to the future for students who might not otherwise be able to dream of a college education through a traditional pathway. Perhaps most importantly, Spark Academy is driven by passion, and passion is contagious. I can’t think of a better lesson to teach our students than to be passionate about their lives!”

E-mail for Mr. Mailloux: [email protected].

Karen PringleKaren Pringle - Technology & Science Teacher

Karen Pringle’s long-term involvement in electrical and electronic engineering prior to entering the teaching profession provides her with the ability to bridge the gap between the classroom and the demands of career life:

• Associate’s Degree, Engineering: Electrical Engineering Technology, NHTI
• BA, Secondary Education, Life Science, New England College
• M.Ed., Education Studies & STEM, UNH
• 28 years in industry 
• 7 years in education

Ms. Pringle’s blend of career experience in both industry and education provide Spark students with sound technical preparation for the many opportunities that Spark graduates will be able to realize.

“My career life began in industry, but I quickly became a teacher as well through the FIRST and VEX Robotics Programs. I have known and worked with both Dan Larochelle and Joe Pouliot for 25 years. In time, the joy of teaching became a larger and larger part of my life until I finally took the plunge and entered teaching full time. For me, it’s the moments when I can see that students “get it” that tell me I am involved in something truly great! My decision to join the Spark team was an easy one. Plus, it’s very hard to say “No” to Dan Larochelle!

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SparkLandis Brown - Humanities Teacher

Landis' background and biography coming soon!

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SparkRachel Spellman - Humanities Teacher

Rachel's background and biography coming soon!

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Vanessa HarnoisVanessa Harnois - Science & Health Teacher

Though younger than most of her Spark colleagues, Ms. Harnois brings very high qualifications to our school with a level of experience that is most impressive! 

• BA, Biological Sciences, UNH
• MS, Biology, Miami University

Awards Received:
• UNHM STEM Scholarship
• UNHM Biology Department Scholarship
• National Science Foundation Scholarship

• UNHM Undergraduate Research Project Participant
• Medical Missionary, Honduras
• Presenter at Nine Professional Conferences 
• Adjunct Professor, UNHM

Ms. Harnois’s dedication to the teaching of science is well-documented. We are very fortunate to have her as a mentor to our students as they learn the science behind the technology.

“I became involved in Spark Academy because I was intrigued by the advanced program model for high school students and was excited to have a role in the community Spark is growing.”

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SparkOscany DeJesus - Math Teacher

Oscany's background and biography coming soon!

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SparkAbbas Farazdel - Math and Science Teacher

Abbas' background and biography coming soon!

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SparkTammy Roberts - School Receptionist

Tammy's background and biography coming soon!

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