Our Curriculum

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The curriculum is one of the pillars that give a school or college its purpose. Often thought of simply as the “course of studies,” we are sometimes led to think that a curriculum can simply be found in a textbook or syllabus. However, every course of study must be “delivered” to the students through methods. Attainment of benchmarks necessarily involves assessment. To form a curriculum, all three elements must work together in a cohesive manner to create a model of leaning or what is really the philosophy of a school. 

Spark Academy’s area of concentration is technology, currently with advanced manufacturing and soon to include more. That is our niche. It is one that provides a sound connection between students who need to find relevant and meaningful careers and a world that greatly needs the skills they bring. It is a niche that responds to an area of tremendous need both today and tomorrow. 

With a hands-on approach, we encourage our students to learn directly with the software and hardware they will need for the world waiting for them. Classroom coaches teach our students as they interact with software to learn and create. The standards are rigorous, and students may succeed only if they persist, as they will need to in life. 

While the study of humanities is not a topic that immediately comes to mind when one thinks of a “tech” school, it is important as are the skills of reading, thinking, writing, and speaking. Perhaps the most counter-cultural aspect of our curriculum, the study of humanities informs of us of the ultimate purpose of education, to help us attain a better and more fulfilling way of life. 

Our teaching methods blend the world of hands-on application with “brains-on” thinking as students participate in conversations based on the most significant of human events in history, mathematics, science, literature, art, music, government and so much more. 

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