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In 2017, The U.S. Department  of Education released the results of its National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) and noted that only 33% of eighth-graders tested at proficient in math at grade level. The 2015 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) ranked the U.S. 38th out of 71 countries. The data suggests that U.S. students are often good at answering the first layer of a math problem but experience difficulty when forced to delve more deeply into complex problems. Without a thorough understanding of the foundations of math, students struggle with the very language and structure that should empower them to move on to complex mathematical problem-solving. 

Our students will entering a world where opportunities will depend either upon the direct knowledge they will have of mathematics or the disciplined and systematic thinking which mathematics teaches. Possibly the most abstract language of all, math teaches us pure thought applied to real-world solutions. 

It is for this reason that we have chosen the ALEKS program to help us teach your sons and daughters to become as proficient as possible in math. This program was developed at New York  University and the University of California by a team of software engineers, mathematicians, and cognitive scientists with the support of a multi-million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation. At the heart of ALEKS is an artificial intelligence engine that assesses each student individually and continuously. In combination with a mathematics coach, the students explore their knowledge of math more deeply than they ever have before.

The following link will help you explore the ALEKS program:

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