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Spark Academy

About Us

John Tuttle

A Message From Our Director

Welcome to our incoming Spark families and welcome back to our returning families! We are entering into our first year with all four grades and this will also be the first year with a graduation. 


This year we will be focusing on building a positive school culture and developing our social skills as students move to graduation.  Communication is an important part of everyone’s success and this will continue to grow.  We want to get all of our families to come back to the school and become part of the process so that we are working together, to build our students' voices.

Technology Class

Our Practice:

kid work on robot

Our Mission:

To empower our students with opportunities to master technical skills, both practical and theoretical, in the context of a high school and early college program that emphasizes the dignity and value of work. Students will discover an appreciation for the power of the sciences combined with an understanding of the humanities. They will develop into innovative problem solvers ready to enter the technical careers of their choice upon graduation or through further study.

Spark Academy’s Mission & Vision


Our Vision:

To provide our students with a high school and early college education based on problem-solving, real-world experience, and a sound work ethic. They will cultivate their skills, ingenuity, and character, ready to challenge the future with confidence, courage, and curiosity.

Mission and vision do little simply as words. It is our actions that bring those words to life. Our mission and vision have guided us in the development of Spark Academy, and they continue to guide us. Families should know how our actions define us in terms of our mission and vision.


Here are some examples of the ways in which we work to bring the Spark mission and vision to life:


We focus on the development of our students’ technical skills through a program that teaches the highly specialized knowledge and discipline that our students will need to succeed in our increasingly technical world. 


We do this through a curriculum designed in concert with the Manchester Community College curriculum for technical studies. That curriculum is tried and true in the preparation of students for both certificate programs and for continuing education. 


Our students take nationally approved certification exams from their very first year, not only to prepare them for real-world standards, but to allow them to obtain important certifications right now to qualify them for immediate and rewarding work opportunities. It is quite possible for a Spark student to find part-time work in highly paid technical fields well before they graduate.


Our mission emphasizes a sound work ethic. At Spark Academy, students will definitely be challenged. Challenge causes us to grow, and challenge is a significant element of our curriculum. In fact, we have a term for it, “productive struggle.” 


That productive struggle is coupled with the message, “Don’t give up.” At Spark, persistence is the key to success. As long as students keep trying, they will keep learning, and they will succeed. Not only is that a great message for school, it is an important one for life!


Inquiry and discovery are essential elements of the Spark science, math, humanities programs. In this way, we help develop in our students a level of problem-solving, curiosity, and ingenuity that are the hallmark of leadership for successful career advancement. 


Our exploration days help connect classroom learning with the real world. These explorations reveal to our students the product of learning and perseverance. We want our students to dream about the possibilities in their lives and about the result of their efforts. 


This is an ambitious program. However, our families tell us we are delivering on our mission and vision! For us, that is the best compliment of all!

kids in science program
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