Welcome, Spark Parents! 

Thank you for courageously seizing the opportunity to place your child in a new model of high school-early college, which New Hampshire charter school law enables us to create. As we move forward, we will need your commitment, support, ideas and opinions as they relate to your own child’s experience and in connection with the program as a whole. You are an indispensable part of Spark’s development.

The Experience

More about Spark Academy

Spark Academy, a public charter high school and early college program for grades 9-12, is located on the campus of Manchester Community College in Manchester, New Hampshire. This school is open to all NewStudent Hampshire residents tuition-free.  

Students master technical skills for an opportunity for a certificate, early college courses and/or associates degree -- tuition-free.

Courses include manufacturing technology, robotics, mechatronics, computer science, cyber security, HVAC, and more. Our entire program is enhanced with a rich humanities curriculum.

Spark's programs are individualized and value-based. Students work at their own pace; all the way to a college degree. We emphasize the dignity of work, the development of leadership, and the growth of our student's individual, creative skills. 

Spark Academy -- ignite your purpose!

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