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Spark Academy

Parent Testimonials

Colleen D.

My son loves this school! The perfect fit for his technological mind and small class size. I have seen him come out of his shell so much in this last year. The teachers actually care about each child and it shows!

Keith K.

Our daughter goes here. It's a stem focused charter school. The teachers are great, and the administration is supportive.

Crystal C.

With a Spark high school education and early college courses through Manchester Community College my son will have a lot of options when he graduates. I love the close knit community that Spark offers.

Adrienne S.

Spark Academy is a wonderful option for students who are interested in gaining technical skills and earning many college credits during their high school years. Small classes that stay together for all classes provide a feeling of connectedness not often available in other schools. Exploration days are built into each week to expose students to various professions that may inspire them and also to offer learning opportunities outside of the classroom. In these days when vocational high schools are a rarity, Spark Academy offers a much-needed program which provides students with readily marketable skills as well as a strong foundation for higher education.

Matt B.

As a student of this school, I can say I have had a very good student experience, especially compared to experiences with other schools in the past. This is supported by the great teachers I have had at spark along with the small class sizes making for a more personalized education. Furthermore, I was surprised that even with all of the expenses that comes with a technology oriented school, the school still supplies most if not all of the needed equipment. Overall, this is a great school even with covid looming in the background.


At Spark Academy, my son is being exposed to advanced manufacturing technologies including robotics, CAD, electronics, PLCs, flexible manufacturing and programming in a variety of languages and control systems. He has the opportunity to earn a certificate in Mechatronics from Manchester Community College while still in high school, which will be more than half way towards a two year degree. He can then complete the two year degree at MCC in a variety of technologies, or apply this body of work to a 4 year school in engineering, biofabrication, medicine or whatever he chooses to do next. He has even mentioned entering the workforce early with his new advanced skill set. What a great opportunity for my son and our family!

Crystal C.

My son has been able to obtain a certification in SOLIDWORKS, take a college level robotics course and attend school on a college campus while being a high school freshman. The school offers small cohorts with no more than 15 students in each class so there is plenty of individualized attention. This model also allowed him in person classes during the fall of 2020. The school also provided laptops and technology kits so virtual learning was hands on and engaging for all students.

With a Spark high school education and early college courses through Manchester Community College my son will have a lot of options when he graduates. I love the close knit community that Spark offers.

Linda C.

My son has attended Spark Academy of Advanced Technologies for almost 2 years now. I can’t recommend them enough!

The teacher to student ratio is excellent and allows for plenty of 1-1 attention. You can tell they really enjoy interacting with the kids and helping them develop their problem-solving skills. Each grade has cohorts of 13-15 students, which lets them develop strong bonds and learn how to work on a team effectively.

In terms of content, they take a really innovative approach with lots of hands-on, experiential activities and guest speakers / on-site industry visits to expose the students to different career avenues ranging from traditional four-year college tracks to technical certificates among others.

The curriculum includes everything (and more) he’d be getting at our local high school- humanities (history, English), math, tech, physical education, science, etc. What’s really cool is the way the instructors integrate the topics in their lessons to span multiple disciplines. It lets the kids think critically and connect with the topics more deeply.

Sue M.

Spark Academy has been a fantastic opportunity for my son to learn technical skills while fulfilling high school academic requirements. He learns best with individualized attention and hands on projects. The teachers are amazing and find endless methods to teach students to in the way they learn best. Small class size and close knit community. Highly recommend! 

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